SOLEC specializes in designing energy and lighting solutions to help you transform residential applications. Today, our solutions have expanded to help our clients save energy while adding ambiance, style, and convenience to their homes. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been on the market for years but have only recently been developed to the point of going mainstream for houses to economically replace the old power-consuming and short-life lighting. SOLEC has a range of quality LED and other efficient lighting available:

  • LED Downlights
  • LED and CFL Fluorescent light replacements
  • LED and CFL Flood lights
  • CFL globes to replace incandescent globes products

To complement our lighting approach, we help homeowners take their first steps toward greener living, by applying today’s technologies to save energy and resources for a better tomorrow. Our experienced team utilizes industry-leading residential alternative energy systems, including solar electric, solar water heater, and pool heating technologies with unparalleled attention to quality and customer service to deliver more clean energy production and a higher return on investment for both large and small homeowners. Nun, hier das Geld, fiiend, alle gleich, als ob fertig waren, aber zumindest lassen mit kamagra kaufen ebay so protestierte Monsieur Chfevres, den kamagra oral jelly kaufen forum Angble hatte ihre Handtasche übergeben. Ich werde weder Ihr Geld noch verlassen Sie Bild, sagte der Künstler, plötzlich firom seine gebeugte Haltung steigen Sie sehen, ich hatte eher nicht eine Kruste in die Suppe gesetzt haben, levitra 20 mg filmtabletten als die Mittel akzeptieren von denjenigen, die verspotten priligy 30 mg und zu arbeiten. Aber das ist nicht fair, rief Angele.