Corporate Information


SOLEC strives to become the solution provider of choice on a regional scale, in the Renewable Energy and Lighting industries.

Our history and growing success is marked with the following business foundations:

  • Strategic partnership with the world’s best brands and suppliers
  • Energy efficiency audits and recommended alternatives
  • Environmental solutions prioritization



Our values are the foundation of our company. They define who we are and how we work.

Integrity – Our commitment to integrity is a cornerstone of our business. We believe in doing business with the highest level of ethics and transparency.

Teamwork – We foster an environment where communication is open between team members, with our clients, suppliers and shareholders. Our goal is to deliver compelling products and solutions, and achieve and sustain profitable growth.

Performance – We are a highly focused team of individuals who drive to succeed. We believe that performance is not only about the results we achieve, but how we achieve them.

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